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What we offer

Television sets have become an inseparable part of people`s life. People do not have time to spend with the newspapers instead they take time to sit in front of the televisions sets to directly get to know all about the happenings live on their picture boxes. How is this possible? We are making this possible for our customers by helping them have the correct aerial for their television sets. You can come to us for all your aerial requirements for we deal in all types of antennas and make things easier for people to pick their choice correctly suiting their TVs.

We present to you all types of aerials like rabbit ears, log periodic etc and hence you will be at ease to pick and choose one that would suit both your needs and pockets. Every device delivered goes out from us with an easily explained manual hence making it easy for the users to fit and install them without any assistance.

Apart from this, there are also professionals who take special efforts and care in explaining things clearly to all our customers making their jobs of installing the aerials easily at home. We are open all time for any assistance and you can call us at any time for all types of help on installing or connecting the dish with your sets.

Our engineers are ever ready to help our customers with all sorts of troubles and doubts and we see to that you get to watch programs on your sets without a hitch and with a better clarity and quality with our antennas fitted at your house. We also try to help the customers with an after sales service within a specified period of time and anything that happens is rectified for free, no charges absolutely. So come to us for all your TV satellite and aerial requirements.

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