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Know Your TV Aerials

Televisions have become mandatory in everybody`s life. They are on almost the whole day whether there is an audience to watch it or not. Many women at home spend their leisure time with these sets and these TV`s act as their best partner at home when the others are out for their work. In the initial days, there were only a few houses which had these TV`s and there were not too many programs too like what we have these days. In the current era, if you want to spend your whole day on TV, you can without a doubt for there are programs the whole day and the media people have made it a point to bring out some new and innovative programs keeping the audience glued to their chairs. And the best part is you get to watch them in the highest definition possible with the latest models of television sets.

Now let`s see how these television sets help us in watching the happenings around the world. It is for this reason that we have the antennas or dishes connected to these sets. These antennas or aerials are the ones that bring us the live relay of all that happens around the world. These antennas are specially designed to receive signals from the over-the-air broadcast and transmit the same at frequencies in the VHF and UHF band in different countries and it is this way that we are taken on a world tour through these television sets freesat dish installation .

Types of aerials

There are two types of these antennas and they depend upon the need and necessity of the user. They are indoor and outdoor antennas. Indoor antennas are the ones that are located next to or on top of the television sets. They are also placed somewhere in the attic or a loft inside the house provided the place is safe and dry for the device to work and receive signals promptly and properly.

Outdoor antennas are the ones that are mounted on the terrace areas and these are generally bigger than the indoor ones. Installation of both these types is very easy and can be done with the help of the dish operators. The cost of mounting an outdoor aerial is slightly higher than the installation charges for indoor antennas. One major reason for this is their varying sizes. Some very common indoor antennas are the rabbit ears and the loops; common outdoor aerials are the yagi or log periodic. They differ only in their sizes and names but are almost the same in their functionalities.





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The installation of these two types of aerials is very simple. The indoor ones can be easily fitted by the people at home for they come as a single piece and are mostly assembled. They are very easy to carry, light in weight and do not have too many connections or wires and hence can be handled very easily.


When comes to outdoor aerials, they are generally mounted big and hence you would definitely need the assistance of professionals from outside. They are big in size and need a proper installation for them to receive signals effectively. As said above the costs of installation and also the piece is a little high in case of the outdoor antennas.

And apart from this, you might also have to pay for the installation done by people from outside.

Though the costs are higher than the case of the indoor antennas, people prefer going for these because they function better and sometimes the best too.

They can receive signals better than the indoor ones and can transmit better signals to the television sets.

They maintain a direct connection with the satellites above them without a hurdle and hence signals are transmitted perfectly and the same gets transmitted to us through our television sets.

So go for the one that looks and fits perfect for your TV; install the one that you feel would be better and best for you and your TVs irrespective of the cost they might demand you.

One important caution while connecting your TVs with the antennas is that you need to use the correct size and frequency antennas for the type of TV you have at home and this would help you have the perfect picture.


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